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  • The maintanence of agricultural irrigation hose
    The maintanence of agricultural irrigation hose


    Now the weather is getting cold, especially in winter, agricultural irrigation activities became less, so agricultural irrigation water hose is barely used now. So what matters in water irrigation usage and storage? usage: 1, When connecting the hose with hose connector, pad a layer of soft protection, then use galvanized steel wire or hoop truss. 2, When using agricultural water hose, high pressure hoses should be used close to the pump, water-filled hose should prevent torsion or sudden bending, and meanwhile should avoid hose connector collision damage. 3, When laying the irrigation hoses, avoid clamping sharp objects and all kinds of oils, the upward vertical laying of water hose, use the hose hook. If the water hose should go through traffic arteries,  pad the hose with hose bridge;  If the hose should go through rails, go below the track, or the hose will be damaged and the water supply will be cut off. 4, Prevent icing. For the winter season, to prevent water  hose freeze, pumps need to go slow, keep a small supply of water. 5, After use, water hose should be cleaned, for delivering foam water, must be carefully washed to protect pvc layer. In order to remove the oil on the water hose, use warm water or soap to wash; for frozen water hose, the first thing is to defreeze, and then clean and dry. Wet water hose should not be stored. storage and maintenance 1, Agricultural irrigation water management should be assigned to specific person to prevent undue damage, and all the water should be according to the quality classification, number of record, so as to master the use of water. 2,Fire hose can not be exposed long to the sun and rain, nor near a heat source to prevent aging. Avoid corrosion and viscous material pollution, storage location, appropriate temperature and good ventilation, water hose should be placed vertically in the single roll, or reel hose rack each year to flip several times and exchange a few fold second, with the car hose, should avoid friction, when necessary to exchange folding. We want our agricultural fire hose used for a longer time, the quality of agricultural water is important, but careful usage, storage and maintenance should not be overlooked, only high quality products and then combined with our meticulous care and maintenance, water will be able to use longer time! As Asia's largest manufacturer of fire hoses, agricultural irrigation hose is one of Sanxing's reputated products. To find high quality agricultural irrigation hose, fire hose and more, please visit:

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  • Quanzhou Sanxing Firefighting Equipment Co., Ltd successfully attends Intersec 2018
    Quanzhou Sanxing Firefighting Equipment Co., Ltd successfully attends Intersec 2018


    Our booth at Intersec, displaying new designs of our fire hoses and varieties of firefighting accessories. Clients are asking prices of interested products. Our products are competitively priced with good quality. / Old clients came to visit. For professional firefighting hose and firefighting equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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  • Quanzhou Sanxing invites you to attend INTERSEC 2018
    Quanzhou Sanxing invites you to attend INTERSEC 2018


    Our company will be attending INTERSEC 2018 from Jan 21 to Jan 23. Our booth number is Hall 2-G43. Address: Sheik Zayed Road,Convention Gate, P.O.Box 9292,Dubai UAE Quanzhou Sanxing Firefighting Equipment Co.,Ltd is Asia's largest manufacturer of fire hoses and  we are bringing the latest designs with us to the exhibitions. We sincerely invite our old clients and new to visit us on our booth. Hope to see you very soon!

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  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!


    We are thankful for your kind support this year and we are looking forward to further cooperation in the coming new year! All staff of Quanzhou Sanxing Firefighting Equipment Co., Ltd wish everybody a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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  • teach our children how to evacuate in fire disasters
    teach our children how to evacuate in fire disasters


    Nowadays, the importance of safety education is highly stressed. Kindergartens and schools are asked to carry out simulated drill regularly. The picture above is taken in one of the kindergartens in Shanghai, where the children are taught to evacuate from a burning building with the help of police and the teachers. As a professional manufacturer of firefighting equipment and a responsible enterprise, we should also work with schools to teach children fire safety knowledge. Want to know more about our firefighting products, please log onto our website:

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  • Sanxing Fire attends 122th Canton Fair
    Sanxing Fire attends 122th Canton Fair


    Sanxing Firefighting Equipment Co.,Ltd successfully attends 122th Canton Fair from October 15th to October 19th.

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  • Sanxing Fire attends 17th China Fire Expo in Beijing
    Sanxing Fire attends 17th China Fire Expo in Beijing


    Our company is attending 17th China Fire Expo in Beijing from Sept. 5 to Sept. 8. Sincerely welcome all our clients and friends to visit us at booth W2-44.

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  • how to deal with fire disasters during earthquake
    how to deal with fire disasters during earthquake


    Jiuzhaigou 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Sichuan Province, China has caused 20 deaths and 507 injuries up to now. Let's mourn for the deceased. The earthquake is a natural disaster that we cannot completely predict even now. And many other disasters like flood, plague come along with earthquakes, including fire disaster. The earthquake will damage electrical supply and fire source like natural gas pipe, causing fires. Earthquakes will cut off transportation, communication, water supply, and damage of firefighting equipment, making it harder to put out fire. Besides, people may be panicked, causing chaos, delaying the rescue opportunity. So, how should we deal with fire disasters caused by an earthquake? 1. Call the fire brigade immediately and evacuate people. 2. Investigate the source of fire and take according measures. 3. Organize people on the scene to self rescue. If the fire is caused by ordinary material, water, quilt or sand can be used to put out fire. 4. For fire caused by electricity, if it is impossible to cut off electricity, CO2, powder extinguishers can be used to put out fire. 5. It is very likely to leave fire hazard after an earthquake, so carefully review after an earthquake. Prevention is the best protection. 6. Pay attention to the maintenance of fire equipment in daily life. Make sure they are in good condition.   To discover more about life protecting fire equipment, please visit our website:  

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  • Camden market in the red sky
    Camden market in the red sky


    If you are a travel enthusiast, you must know the Camden market, which is one of the seven busiest markets in the world. The Camden Market is the most famous flea market in London, and is made up of several different markets where people can buy curious items. A fire broke out in the Stable Market of the Camden Market, and 1 to 3 floors and a roof were ignited in a building. The London Fire Department has sent 70 firefighters and 10 fire engines to the scene after the call. It is reported that the fire was caused by an indoor booth fire, the scene of flames towering, and about 600 residents were evacuated. Fortunately, the market was closed, so there were no casualties.   There are over 1000 shops in the Stable Market, and the fire will cause some shops to be closed. Sanxing is always here to protect your safety and property.

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  • Health Care Campaign for Sanxing Employees
    Health Care Campaign for Sanxing Employees


    Health care for employees, Sanxing Fire-fighting large physical examination activities will be held at the same time as the Nanan July 11 World Population Day, a large-scale physical examination - "population flow, healthy counterparts" care and sympathy campaign!   In order to meet the July 11 of the World Population Day, Sanxing Fire- fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd. with Nanan Family Planning Association, Ximei Office and Quanzhou Chenggong Hospital will organize a large physical examination with caring staff, health examination in the second weekend of July in Nanan E-commerce Park on the third floor. While the Nanan July 11 World Population Day, a large-scale physical examination - "population flow, healthy counterparts" care and sympathy campaign will held together. Employees' physical and mental health is the greatest wealth of the company, but also the company's stable development of an important guarantee. This activity ensures the health of the employees, as well as express the corporate culture of Sanxing Fire- fighting and the care of employees. For a long time, our company attaches great importance to the health of employees and the improvement of their living and working conditions. As the saying goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Through the physical examination, so that employees can understand their health in time, adhere to early to know, early to prevent, early to nurse and early to treat. What’s more, our company established a medical record for each employee to feedback physical examination information timely and urge employees who with abnormal health status to review the treatment as soon as possible. It ensures that employees can put into work with good physical condition. The examination items include medicine and surgery, blood pressure, urine routine, blood routine, liver function, B ultrasound and so on. 

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  • Kensington fire disaster
    Kensington fire disaster


    Kensington Fire Disaster June 15, early in the morning, Londoners who had just waken up from their dream was shocked by a fire disaster news in north Kensington. Fire burned for the whole night, the building which holds 120 households was almost burned down. It was confirmed by the police that fire brigade received alarm call at 00:54 and arrived in 6 minutes, but was at a loss what to do with the raging fire. And the fire shot to the building roof with rocket speed! Up to the local time 14:30 on 15th, police confirmed 12 deaths, at least 68 injured in the fire. Person in charge of the fire brigade said that because of the financial crisis British government is facing, their budget on public security has shrunk repeatedly, thus causing growing security risk accidents. In 2016 alone, death toll in fire accidents grew by 21% in Britain.

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  • Fire Under Control in North China's Tianjin Port
    Fire Under Control in North China's Tianjin Port


    Fire at a paper company in north China's Tianjin Port has been under control, local authorities said Wednesday night(2017.5.31). The fire started in the goods yard of Xinnan paper company in the Binhai New Area, Tianjin Municipality. No casualties have been reported so far. The goods yard covers about 7,400 square meters, piled with nearly ten thousand tonnes of waste paper. There are no residents and enterprises near the site of the fire, and no secondary disasters have occurred, according to local authorities. Sanxing——Protecting Your Life and Property

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