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Quanzhou Sanxing Firefighting Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of firefighting equipments. Our company has been successively appointed “Advanced Technological Enterprise of the Nation”, “Technological Enterprise of Fujian Province”, “Innovational Enterprise of Fujian Province”, “Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise of Fujian Province”, “Science and Technology Small Giant Leading Enterprises”, “Industrial Technology Development Center of Quanzhou City”.

In 2016, we have been awarded the Innovation Prize Award and Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Award of Nan’an City.

The Sanxing management has fully realized the importance of technological innovation for the development of the company. Therefore, our R&D Center has been set up since the beginning of our company. In recent five years, our company has 8 invention model patents, 26 utility model patents.

Among these patents, “Lining Processing Device of A Fire Hose” has been awarded Silver Medal of Science and Technology Patent Prize of Quanzhou City in 2014.

“A Fire Hose and Its Manufacturing Method” has been awarded Honorable Prize of Science and Technology Patent Prize of Nan’an City in 2016.

Meanwhile, Sanxing focuses on the industrial application research of patent technology.

In 2015 our company undertook a project of Intellectual Property Bureau——“The Study of  Industrial Application of The Patent Technology of A Fire Hose And Its Manufacturing Method”.

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